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Our Mission

Our mission is to show the love of God by bridging in resources, and services and empowering, revitalizing, valuing, and educating families in the communities we serve. Our goal is to use collaboration with other organizations to maximize our community impact for more positive lived experiences. We foster the opportunity to build trust in our relationships by treating all who need our services with dignity, inclusivity, and equality.

Our Vision

Through collaboration and compassion, provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions that addresses social and economic disparities, while fostering positive relationship building with community members, organizations, elected officials, and businesses. Using, “It Takes A Village” concept to create a stronger foundation of support to assist youth, families and the community, for revitalization and community development.


As an organization, Soul Harvesters Outreach Ministry, we SERVE with passion and purpose.

S – Support, we strive to support our community by listening to and addressing their diverse needs through programs and services.
E – Empower, we will empower individuals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.
R – Relationships are meaningful and valuable to us. We connect with the community, elected officials, businesses, families, and other organizations to build a family network of support.
V – We Value all our stakeholders, no matter who they are, and we will treat everyone with dignity.
E – Equality, we are committed to promoting equality and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has equal access to the opportunities and support to improve their quality of life.

Soul Harvesters wholeheartedly embrace our mission to SERVE, bringing hope and transforming lives.

Our Story

Soul Harvesters Outreach Ministry was formed out of the persistent cries for help from the communities in Charleston, South Carolina, and the tri-county area. Families in our communities were silently hurting and lacking the resources necessary to thrive physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Soul Harvesters Outreach Ministry was established to help aid and provide assistance for those who were looking for a hand-up and not a handout. Our ministry was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 1998.  Over the years, we’ve established relationships with other caring hearts, which allows us to assist in the ongoing fight to close some of the economic, social, and educational disparities invading our communities.

We serve by demonstrating the love of God regardless of race, religion, gender, social or economic background.

Our services are mobile, so we have the capability of setting up programs and community outreaches at any location.  Over the years we have been the liaison between the community and those who want to get involved. Working with community leaders, schools, elected officials, businesses, and volunteers, to bring revitalization, resources, and educational programs needed for sustainable growth.  Because “Knowledge is Power!” The aspiration for these resources and programs is to educate and empower self-dependency to those who participate; ultimately, building stronger families and stronger communities. 

All services are free to the recipient. Soul Harvesters Outreach Ministry is excited about the recent expansion into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This location will be operable in April 2022.  This location will serve as another opportunity to share the love of Christ, provide programs, and promote community empowerment.

Striving to Make a Difference


We are committed to being very transparent about our work, and results. Our donors as well as our supporters can rest assured that their contributions are used efficiently and effectively.


Our every action and initiative is rooted in the belief that the power of positive change lies with the communities themselves. By Harnessing their collective wisdom and energy, we empower them to lead the transformations they envision.

Impactful Initiatives

Our carefully designed programs educate and empower individuals through workshops and mentorship. We measure our success by the lasting positive change we bring to the communities we serve.

How Can You Help Us

Get Involved

Join our team and make a difference. We help our community through various programs you can partake in.


Our Campaigns

Choose the campaign that resonates with you the most from a wide variety of projects we develop and work with.


Send Donations

By far the easiest way to help others is through your charitable donations that will be directed to those in need.


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