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Adopt a Community Program

The Core

The Adopt a Community Program is centered around the “It Takes A Village” concept. This means it takes everyone getting involved and working together if we want to see communities move from having numerous disparities and challenges to becoming a thriving prosperous community. This is a program developed to assist more with the needs of the family where many of the(at risk-) youth live. Soul Harvesters realized that many of the challenges youth are dealing with socially and emotionally begin with the insecurities of home life.

Details about the program

The foundation of the ACP program is building trust within the community, and coming to the aid of families, and promoting community development. The objective is to offer opportunities for residents to engage, learn, and receive support. We believe that by bringing together local charities, businesses, judicial groups, community leaders, youth mentoring groups, and faith-based organizations, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those living in high-crime, low-income communities.

Our program operates by convening monthly meetings where representatives from various organizations come together to strategize on how to close the gaps between the 5 key drivers of poverty and crime. According to the Department of Justice, those key drivers are:

  1. Food Insecurities
  2. Criminal Injustice
  3. Social & Emotional Issues
  4. Education
  5. Housing

Together, we develop monthly calendars filled with events, programs, and services, all designed to bring much-needed resources directly into the community.

The program’s strategy bridges in resources to aid and support families who need help with food insecurities, criminal injustice, lack of education, mentorships, housing, and much more. Our partnerships with 21 other organizations, allow us to provide a holistic approach to support the youth and the families we serve. This evidence-based program creates cohesiveness for positive outcomes. According to the North Charleston Police Department, they have already seen a 50% decrease in crime in the areas where this program has been implemented. Often, we see the needless deterioration of families and communities because of the lack of knowledge of available support. We believe “Knowledge is Power”.

Our ultimate goal is to create a robust and interconnected network of support that can sustain the community and uplift its stakeholders for years to come. We believe that by pooling our resources and expertise, we can have a greater impact on the communities we serve. We also encourage the community to volunteer and to become engaged in efforts to revitalize their community by getting involved. The invitation is open for any organizations who want to connect with us as we close the gap disparities and transform lives.

Ways You can Help

Make a Donation

By far the easiest way to help others is through your charitable donations that will be directed to those in need.


Become a Volunteer

Join our team and make a difference. We help our youth community through various programs you can partake in.

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