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Greg Reidinger

Director Marketing & Fundraising

I was raised in Northern Ohio near Lake Erie. My family attended church all my youth and I remember feeling the spirit of the Lord then. However, I had no real idea what a relationship with Jesus was nor how to make it grow.  It wasn’t until I was an adult and moved to Charleston, SC where I discovered a Church family that helped me develop a deeper understanding of what being a Christian meant and offered guidance on how to grow my faith.  I was blessed to have a Spirit-filled moment that opened my eyes to my need to repent my sins and accept the  Lord.   Little did I know He was already at work by placing Sylvia in my life even before that moment to make sure I had other Christian warriors in my life in places other than just at Church. Discovering that the trinity was at Church, at home, and … at work too?! Amazing.  

Career-wise,  after serving our country in the Air Force, I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life. Currently, I’m blessed to be doing my dream job of being a yacht broker in Florida.  

As I struggle with the peaks and valleys all Christians go through in life, I love that unique opportunities like this one are placed in my path. I find that serving allows me to shift the focus off of my own needs and shifts my perspective in a better direction. 

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